Kathryn and Lily


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veruneedy asked: that scene with Penelope and king Henry, i died :D :D

Oh my god right! I’m just happy they didn’t kill her off.

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Anonymous asked: Have you seen this weeks episode of reign yet??!?! Kat was amazing!! Im still drooling. Any chance you could make some sets of her from this ep?! :D

I haven’t yet! :( ill watch it later today and I’ll def try. I’m a little busy atm with school to do any super hard things xxx

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Anonymous asked: It's not Emily that's confident in bed, it's kat! Remember, method acting? :D

Hell yes! Haha

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Anonymous asked: Emily was definitely trying to dull the pain with Mandy. I'm just saying if I was Mandy, that would not be a situation I'd put myself in. She had zero shot. Hey, so give me your version of what went down with Naomi and Sophia. You think Naomi let Sophia "touch" her?

True, I just don’t see why Mandy would go through that either. I get it. No, I don’t think Naomi let Sophia do anything to her. She just “boom boom pow see ya”. Thanks for the shag, no need to return haha. I’m she felt like shit the second she left.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know Kats real instagram, or if she even has it?

I don’t think she has one tbh. She barley goes on Twitter! Haha and if she does, it’s for like noble things ha.